Support for Perpertrators

Support for Perpertrators

Are you worried about your behaviour towards your partner, ex-partner or family member?

Are you concerned about your children (if you have them) witnessing your behaviour and the impact that it may have on them?

That fact that you are here reading this, is one of the first steps to making changes for the better! It is tough to recognise and face up to problems and there is help and support available to help you through this.

Violent, Threatening, Intimidating and or Manipulative behaviour is all behaviour that is learned, and the good news is that this means that it can be changed. However, you must be willing and committed to do all the things necessary to make that change.

Abusive behaviour is not limited to physically harming someone, there are other forms of abuse such as:

• Emotional (saying offensive things to put someone down and humiliate them)
• Threats and Intimidation (saying or doing things that create an atmosphere of fear)
• Sexual (forcing someone to carry out sexual acts that they don’t want to)
• Financial (controlling someone’s money or the ability to work)

You might have done some things only once or twice, but in many cases, you’ll notice that there is a pattern to the abusive things you do. By making yourself more aware of your abusive behaviours it will become easier to make changes and stop.

For change to happen you will need reflect on your behaviour and accept that it leads to abuse of your partner or family member from a desire to hurt, control or manipulate them.

Realise that you have choices about how you behave towards someone and that you are in control of your emotions and therefore how you respond or reaction to a situation.

Understand that you cannot blame your behaviour on alcohol or drugs, stress, or because of someone else.

Accept that your partner and family member have a right to live their own life, making their own choices and decisions.

There are various services and programmes that can help you to recognise the impact of your behaviour on others and identify other ways of behaving in a non-abusive way towards another.

Respect Helpline

Telephone support

0808 8024040

Mon–Fri 9am-8pm

free from landlines and mobile phones within the UK. Your call will not appear on itemised bills. You can also call free from BT pay phones.

Email support

Mon-Fri 9am-8pm,

Sat & Sun 10am-12pm & 4pm-6pm

Counselling and support options

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm